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Absolutely Adored: Stop Choosing Narcissistic Men and Finally Be a Well-Loved Woman
Absolutely Adored is a practical romantic re-education for smart women who were raised by a narcissistic parent. Using a fresh approach to online dating, you will heal over-giving, self-diminishment, and disassociation from your own pleasure and comfort. You will learn how to reinstate the deep feminine as your personal compass, and gain a new understanding of how to successfully attract and date men who will treat you like a Queen.

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The Imminent Redeployment of Grace
Grace Rose Johnsonís life comes crashing down around her following the death of her best friend, Elaine, to breast cancer. In one beautiful, insane act of power, she throws whatís left of her life in the back of her 1975 Volkswagen Rabbit and hits the road, searching for resurrection.

Available spring 2017.

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This book is a romantic re-education for women who have habitually chosen narcissistic men.
The Imminent Redeployment of Grace is a testament to the redemptive power of longing, laughter and love.