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Absolutely Adored: Stop Choosing Narcissistic Men and Finally Be a Well-Loved Woman

Smart women who were raised by self-centered parents often have problems in romantic relationships. Either they don’t know how to choose men that will treat them well, or they get involved in relationships that start out with a bang but eventually deconstruct as their men become more and more complacent. Those women are missing some key pieces of knowledge, understanding, and behavior necessary to creating a healthy, happy, sustainable romantic dynamic. If I am describing you, read on because this book offers the missing pieces of the puzzle.

There are many experts writing about dating and creating effective romantic relationships. All of these tools and teachers are invaluable resources for women who want to experience romantic fulfillment. They are incredibly effective if those women come from a healthy base of self-esteem and self-nurturing, and a clear, organic reference point of deep self-worth.

However, for women who were taught from an early age to care for their caretakers’ needs first, and were groomed to believe that being an adept “giver” was how they would thrive and survive, that healthy base of feminine self-esteem is often damaged. Such girl children can grow into women who believe that their true worth is measured by their ability to give. When these women experience a stroke of good fortune and encounter a man who requires from them that they need to deeply receive without the need for reciprocity – something foreign to their care-giving nature – they often crash. When their relaxation and receptivity are seminal aspects of what’s required in a healthy romantic dynamic, here comes the vertigo: fear, misunderstanding, compulsive self-sufficiency, cynicism and control can emerge, followed by disillusionment and resignation, resulting in the “I knew this thing was a fairytale” mindset.

It’s a terrible feeling to see others succeeding where we might fail, especially if we pride ourselves on being women who can figure anything and everything out.
What is the barrier that keeps women from their own success in a romantic relationship? What can they do to “succeed” in this new and foreign arena?

Absolutely Adored helps women define and break through that barrier. It is a blueprint for the behavioral and neurological shift necessary for such women if they want to be able to attract, and interact with, generous, cherishing men. As such, it is not a “how to do” book but a “how to be” book – how to be receptive and ready to receive a kind of courtship that they have never experienced before.

And this book uses online dating as a classroom for learning and experiencing a new paradigm, with definite tools and skill sets.

“Dang! Not online dating! Been there, done that. It’s painful and disappointing, and a time consuming drag! It’s for losers! Anything but that!”

Online dating is a neutral, and often extremely effective, medium for meeting many different kinds of men. Absolutely Adored uses this medium as a gateway for education, examination, and exercising the new skills necessary to create and sustain successful romantic relationships. I think you’ll find - as so many of my clients have - that a new and rewarding experience awaits you as you take this journey with an open mind and an open heart.

Absolutely Adored will be available for purchase as of November 13th, 2017. Stay tuned for ordering details.